1 /0 Descendant of Nell Gwynn makes last stand for lords. Gwynn, Nell (1650–1687)English comedy actress, mistress of Charles II, who was one of the most popular figures of Restoration England. Despite this, Nell Gwynn is an exploration of some truly current issues: ... reminding them both that though she was born ‘a slattern, she died a princess acting in St. Catherine’, leaving us in closing with the incredible journey made by Nell. Monologues are presented on StageAgent for educational purposes only. Born Eleanor Gwynn on February 2, 1650, in England (authorities are unsure whether in London, Oxford, or Hereford); died on November 14, 1687; daughter of Helena and Thomas or James Gwynn (a common soldier); children: … We speak to playwright Jessica Swale about the actress Nell Gwynn, who is the subject of her Olivier nominated play. Yet died a Princess, acting in St. Catherine. Her father was a smith, but she was orphaned at an early age and went to live with her grandfather at Dinedor. Independent Premium Comments can … He had no pension, no Chelsea Hospital to fall back on, and they suffered much privation. Her father, Captain Thomas Gwynne, appears to have been a soldier ruined by the Civil War. Situated in London, within a 9-minute walk of Harrods and 0.8 miles of Royal Albert Hall, The Pods at Nell Gwynn offers accommodation with free WiFi. Nell Gwynn was one of the first ever English actresses. Nell Gwynne died on 14 November 1687, less than three years after the King's death, from apoplexy due to having acquired syphilis somewhere along the way. They spent the summer in Windsor, and among other things, she commissioned paintings on the ceilings by AntonioVerrio, an Italian who was a favorite among the English upper class and did extensive painting for Windsor Castle, among other … Jessica Swale: As a playwright, my work begins with research and then moves into imagination and storytelling, so my ideas about Nell are part historical fact, part dreamed up. Nell Gwynne continued to live in this house until her death in 1687. Nell Gwyn died from apoplexy "almost certainly due to the acquired variety of syphilis" on 14 November 1687, at ten in the evening, less than three years after the King's death. Nell Gwyn - 1934 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved (PCA #862) The hero of our play, Nell Gwynn. Born in abject poverty, she became a professional actress, the beloved mistress of King Charles II, and died as an icon of the Restoration.However, all Nell’s legendary insults and remarkable beauty couldn’t save her from drama, scandal, and sorrow. The Duke lived there until 1694; in 1693 he had been forced to assign the house to his creditors. Nell Gwyn was an X-Rated Cinderella. Nell Gwyn died in 1687. With Anna Neagle, Cedric Hardwicke, Jeanne De Casalis, Muriel George. Having herself coached through the dialogue. She used the stage name ‘Madame Ellen’. All double and single rooms have a flat screen TV, mini fridge and a private bathroom with free toiletries. Her elder son Charles, now Duke of St. Albans, succeeded to the property, her younger son James having died in 1680. 128-129. When she was just a child, Eleanor Gwyn lost her father, who likely died in a debtor's prison. But there was always more to her than being able to make a grand entrance, turn heads and make people laugh. A descendant of Nell Gwynne teams up with council historians to research the past of a hunting estate where the royal mistress entertained Charles II. Before she joined the King’s Players in the 1660s, all parts in plays – even female ones – were performed by men. Jane Hoare | Published in History Today Volume 27 Issue 6 June 1977. Nell is a 1994 American drama film directed by Michael Apted from a screenplay written by William Nicholson.The film stars Jodie Foster (who also produced) as Nell Kellty, a young woman who has to face other people for the first time after being raised by her mother in an isolated cabin. The Nell Gwynn of history, one of the first English female actors as well as the king’s favourite mistress, made an impact on those who met or saw her. Download this stock image: Eleanor Gwynne or Nell Gwynn, actress and mistress of King Charles II, died 1687. Gwyn or Gwynn, Nell (Eleanor Gwyn), 1650–87, English actress. Her acting career was, in fact, brief although her comedy roles were the talk of 1660s London. She was 37 years old (if she was born in 1650). According to The Physical Shape and Urban Landscape of New Windsor 1500-1780 by E.J. In 1685 the king died, leaving instructions to his heir, James II, to “not let poor Nelly starve.” James did not, giving her a pension of £1,500 a year, roughly equivalent to at least a quarter million pounds today. How did Nell Gwynn, orange-girl and prostitute, become the mistress of King Charles II within a culture where women on the stage were an emerging phenomenon? Nell Gwyn. Nell’s sauciness, cheerfulness, lustiness, straightforward good nature and lack of affectation evidently came as a relief to Charles, as did her lack of any serious interest in politics. 1650–1687. The Windsor that Nell Gwynn knew was one of rural life mixed with cockfighting, horse races, and there was a bustling new coffee house. The Death of Nell Gwynne. ‘Pretty, witty Nell’ – Samuel Pepys . He also gave Nell Bagnigge House, a country house with healthy spring water at 61-63 Kings Cross Road. Nell’s father is harder to pin down – he’s often described as a Welsh soldier named Thomas Gwyn (or Gywnne, or Guinne) who fought for the Royalists and died in a debtor’s prison in Oxford in 1661, but that’s pieced together from fragments here and there. Copperplate mezzotint by Richard Earlom after an original miniature painting by Samuel Cooper from Samuel Woodburn's Portraits of Characters Illustrious in British History, London, 1810. He was an old soldier who, after many year’s service, had returned to Herefordshire a poor man. Once an orange-seller at the Theatre Royal, she became a member of Killigrew's company, making her debut there in 1665. Sadly, Nell couldn’t read or write, which made reading scripts and learning lines pretty much impossible! The warden of Lauderdale House has told of a terrifying night 17 years ago when a rampaging ghost burst into his bedroom at the mansion. And middle-class men at that. Learn more About The Independent commenting. As of 1960 the property was still the only one on the south side of Pall Mall not owned by the Crown. https://www.sunsigns.org/famousbirthdays/d/profile/nell-gwyn Her balance at Child's Bank was reported to be well over four figures, and she possessed almost 15,000 ounces of plate. - P7FAPE from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. When Nell and Charles’s younger son James died at the age of eight in June 1680, Charles encouraged her to find solace in redecorating Burford House. Eleanor - commonly called 'Nell' - Gwynne was born on 2nd February 1650, traditionally in the city of Hereford, although the Coal Yard off Drury Lane, London, may have been her real birthplace. Nell becomes his most loyal subject, while ever-ready to take the Duchess down a peg. For those interested in learning more about Nell Gwyn, I would agree with your choice of “Nell Gwynn” by Charles Beauclerk. The River Thames runs by, dividing Windsor from Eton. She was 37 years old. Still, she found ways round this. Died: 14th November 1687 at Pall Mall, Westminster, Middlesex. The preeminent Restoration actress and infamous Royal mistress died in 1687 at the age of 37. Her family was certainly of Welsh origin. Directed by Herbert Wilcox. Brown, "a coach and postal service were introduced in 1673 and 1674." Nell Gwynn was born in a respectable, but rather humble, dwelling in Pipe Lane, Hereford. Such is the myth of Nell Gwyn, orange seller, comic actress, mistress of Charles II and the original people's princess: her name is synonymous with the topsy-turvy world of post-medieval court life. Name variations: Gwyn or Gwynne. Nell Gwyn unveiled: Daring topless painting of Charles II's mistress to go on display after lying in a private collection for 50 years. My favorite historical stories always seem to focus on the royal mistresses, and Nell Gwynn holds a particularly special place in my heart. Died: Friday, November 14, 1687: Occupation: Actress, prostitute. Before becoming an actress what is Nell Gwynn’s story? Nell acted at the Drury Lane theatre in Covent Garden while still a teenager. Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson, Richard Libertini, and Nick Searcy are featured in supporting roles. The story of the most notorious of English royal mistresses is largely composed of gossip and legend. Nell came from a poor background in St-Martin’s-in-the-Fields – the Covent Garden area now, and it is believed that she lived in a brothel run by her alcoholic mother. The author is a direct descendant of Nell and King Charles, and Charles has remained a family name. An Unfortunate Upbringing. They soon become close, the King preferring her feisty irreverent company to that of the aristocratic French Duchess of Portsmouth. Videos. Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. Notorious in the Restoration period for her rags to riches story, there is so much more to Nell than her being one of King Charles II’s mistresses! Her charm and vivacity in comic roles endeared her to the public, as did her witty renditions of prologues and epilogues. And this is all strengthened, of course, by its basis in truth. Jane Hoare describes how Charles II had left her well provided. Actress. King Charles II first meets Nell Gwyn after seeing her do a turn at Drury Lane. _ All monologues are property and copyright of their owners. Today marks the 369th birthday of our namesake, Nell Gwynn. _For full extended monologue, please refer to the script edition cited here: Jessica Swale, Nell Gwynn, NHB Modern Plays, electronic edition, pp.