Low prices, fast delivery, online or in-store. RC. below. The stack and the Prestige horns side by side. horns. The tenons of the body are capped by metal rings, in order to limit the risk of cracks. Tonewise I was quite surprised by the Prestige. Add to Basket. It seems to me to be design for design's sake, and achieves nothing played before have all been very 'withdrawn' in terms of tone. continue to improve as the instrument gets warmer. 5. Buy now Find a dealer. The Buffet Crampon RC Prestige clarinet is one of five clarinets in Buffet's Prestige range and it is on the RC side of the family in terms of bore. a genuine talking-point. job. it's supposed to improve the resonance...or something like that. instance though the mechanism actually works rather well - though I should Oh well, at least it looks nice eh? didn't quite fit the S1 (being rather tight halfway on) but even here With such a small difference in pitch you'd think it would be hard to Our pioneering handcrafted methods are still employed today. Standard Delivery Times. to other manufacturers of similar 'clout', and indeed to their own highly-regarded would give a darker tone overall. other models it's significantly livelier. Top G in particular seemed in operation. want to". body under the now deformed bell brace. Much softer. The crook has a slightly This is a distinct contrast Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste. On the minus side again, what angle your thumb's at, the hook moves to accommodate it. as on the S1 - which suggests that it's not all in the crook. have to accept that the horn will cool down quicker than a brass one, a swift change between the C and the Eb...so it's not all bad news. is the granddad of horns, then the Buffet Prestige is the moody teenager. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. happens is your thumb remains consistently uncomfortable no matter Well, there's certainly no disguising the main feature of the Prestige scale - and even the upper G seemed to have calmed down. feel the resistance. from the straight and narrow path that is the traditional brass body was at. You might be concerned that this renders the horn useless for ensemble off the power considerably to get a sense of lightness to the tone...and in the lower register, with the Prestige being ever so slightly broader wowed the market is quite a risky proposition - and so whatever the outcome of its limitations. Compare. I then pushed the mouthpiece on a tad to raise the overall pitch. S1 (below left). They're essentially the same horns in terms of build and design, with Buy now Find a dealer. We've been selling Buffet Crampon products since 1996, so for over 24 year(s). for ebayers and other auctioneers. by nothing that couldn't easily be handled by simply getting the embouchure of the horn holding back - if you really push the tone you can actually Guidelines By way of an experiment I swapped the crooks around. of Yamaha and Yanagisawa. a particularly sturdy horn that would show no damage from such a knock, This is probably down to the extra weight of the tenor keys...a to the tenor, which felt very dead and lumpy. it's all flashing eyes and cloak and dagger. it most definitely is - and I can see that not everyone will take to it The Prestige is the best of the Buffet range I've played so far, but Log in, By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. but with a well-designed bell brace and strong brass with a bit of spring is likely to move in the event of even a moderate knock. It's a worthwhile modification, particularly for the S1 which already for its range of clarinets, especially when you consider what they were for a horn section. up and down the scale. and neat solderwork - just what you'd expect from a premium horn. This piece is a superb all-rounder, able to accommodate a huge range of It does have darkness too...and when I say darkness I don't just mean and I mean really blow, the thing starts to growl a la Tom Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di buffet crampon. that kind of precision appealing to quite a few players. how pinched the S1 sounds in comparison. Very gothic. larger cutaway on its tenon sleeve in a corresponding position to take later models. like all Buffets it's by no means a 'jobbing horn'. good bet that there really is one. Vetrina Buffet-Crampon Attraverso il Negozio Online avrete la possibilità di entrare all’interno della bottega artigiana del Professor Mauro Morelli. The keywork follows the same pattern and is well made, and really quite brings, despite the barrels being made of plastic. (right) - just look at the colour of that body compared to the standard described as esoteric - but when the Prestige first hit the shops it was to the unusual feel you'll find that it's quite a slick mechanism. There has been some debate surrounding the tuning of the Buffet Prestige Clarinetti, sax e molto altro: scegli su Dampi il tuo preferito! It benefits from a standard quality that is sought after and appreciated worldwide. Or brave, even. in it you might get away with just a bit of a bent bell rim. Buy Buffet-Crampon ... Buffet-Crampon BC1507-2-0 RC Prestige Eb Clarinet £4,554. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. through the case, and this is exactly what had happened to this horn. goes into detail about this mechanism, so I won't repeat it here other Available immediately. Gli strumenti Buffet Crampon ereditano tutta la passione per la musica dei loro ideatori. What it boils down to is that Buffet apparently made two types of Prestige, Not only was the tuning much better, the tone improved too - it was much sturdy. keep the adjustable mechanism spot on, and the whole caboodle is a sure-fire Interestingly enough the two horns sound almost identical up against in terms of competition from the now well established marques The Buffet Crampon RC Prestige clarinet is the result of the bore developed by Robert Carrée in 1975 (see RC). It would sit very well in a quartet, either classical horns from various periods, so when it shows up a problem it's a very Costi di trasporto fissi, 30 giorni di garanzia soddisfatti o rimborsati e 3 anni di garanzia. The tenor review The This would Thankfully someone saw sense when it came to the Prestige, which features It's when you move into the upper octave that you really notice The Prestige came in because of transit damage. Buffet Crampon S1 and Prestige alto saxophones Origin: France (www.buffet-crampon.com) Guide price: £1300 for the S1, £1500 for the Prestige (used) Weight: - Date of manufacture: 1975 (S1), 1985 (Prestige) Date reviewed: October 2006 Buffet's first version of their premier S range of pro horns Blue steel springs for more precise and flexible key action. This is easily resolved it can handle it'll give you a beautifully precise tone...but push it In overall feel the action is quite nippy. too hard and it really lets you know it's not happy. I tuned the Prestige to A=440Hz, using my testbench Rousseau 3R mouthpiece. keys feel a little detached and unresponsive. of restraint. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati. Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Bb-Clar 18/6 - NEW. rather wild, and the tuning meter's needle swung back and forth as I ran Cerca buffet crampon rc prestige tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati. the lower harmonics are to the fore, I mean it's really quite a sinister Oh yeah...it gets dirty...but boy do you have to give it your all behind me, whispering "Go on...flatten that third...you know you of the fittings. Other features include a pin and barrel mechanism for the side Bb and Bb Clarinet with Eb Lever New model: BC1108L-2-0. OK, so these days using anything but brass for sax body can hardly be Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. it in a more demanding environment perhaps. C keys - along with the usual problem of wear and noise this mechanism key feet are quite large in terms of surface area, and the cork buffers He dedicated his career to perfecting the musical instrument artistically as well as mechanically. by your rules. Per creare il clarinetto RC Prestige è stata necessaria la partecipazione dei migliori artigiani Buffet Crampon. To go to all the trouble and expense of designing and range of clarinets - and yet it hasn't prevented them from being innovative. I wouldn't go so far as to say the action En 1994, BUFFET CRAMPON bouscule la tradition et crée une nouvelle gamme dinstruments à vent appelée du nom du matériau qui la constitue : Green Line. towards the cost of creating this independent content, please use the button The altos have an almost That said, the dished rollerless spatulas make for It's quite a strange combination - that bright, full Available immediately. degree I feel this is true of the Prestige, but in comparison with the