The RepRap Guru Prusa i3 kit has all the hard work done. (for MK2 variants) will remain in stock. Starting this Thursday, we’re adding two shiny new materials: The “Oh My Gold” and “Viva La Bronze” PLA Blends. Considering the print quality, relatively easy assembly, build size, and sturdy frame, the Folger Tech 2020 Prusa i3 is hard to beat in the under-$300 price range. Why not just say it, we dont’ know how to engineer good products. A: No, the MMU2S is fully compatbile both with MK3S and MK3S+. The bearing holders (metal clips) bring no benefit in terms of print quality or reliability, so they are not included, Q: What’s included in the MK3S+ upgrade? I started with a mistake by buying the rough textured sheet with the kit instead of the smooth one. I’d recommend it as an intermediate (or step-up) printer for anyone with basic 3D printing knowledge. the. It is very convenient for trouble shooting when you are using the printer. You don't have to be MIT graduate to assemble our kit ;-). What about MMU2S? I can’t find anything on github. There was a brief mention of a change to the X-axis belt tension. Other filament worked fine, but you’ll need to calibrate the temp and flow rates for best results. Start: November 26th at 4.00 p.m. (PST) / November 27th at 12.00 a.m. (GMT)Â, End: December 1st at 12.00 a.m. (PST) / December 1st at 8:00 a.m. (GMT). V2 and M.I.N.D.A. Will the new powder coated satin sheets be included in the Black Friday deal? And then Jo has to mention something like tool changing… But according to the calibration afterwards I was doing it pretty precisely. Check out our favorite Prusa clones and alternatives to see the bonuses they offer. It also features a higher quality cable – significantly thinner strands of copper wire will last much longer even with constant bending motion. However, the 20% discount applies only for the smooth and powder-coated PEI spring steel sheets. You will never be alone in the big world of 3D printing! The Bear upgrade for the Prusa range of printers takes an already printer to the next level! This is useful especially for flexible filaments. If your printer runs perfectly fine, there’s no need to replace the part. Though the Prusa i3 MK3S offers exceptional print quality, reliability, and decent pricing, there are features it lacks. What’s the difference apart from the obvious lack of dots? While aluminum is a conductor, not an insulator, these enclosures work well enough to print filaments like ABS. You don't even have to own a soldering iron. Sure, the probe drifts a little bit with temperature change. Preflight check. Works great and very stable with Octoprint as well, unlike some other printers like MP SelectMini I had before. PTFE tube was totally jammed/filled. Contacted Prusa several times about them sending the upgrade for free, they nicely said go to hell and they are not going to help me. Extruder changes provide better printability for flexible filaments. We also offer a fully built and tested 3D printer. It's just great. Prusa Research is a 3D printing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Am I wrong, or has the SL1 bundle kit become more expensive? We provide high print settings with the printer, so you don't have to dive into complex new programs the second you finish the build. Will the new satin sheet be available for the MINI in the near future? Of course, this brought new challenges: how to improve the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, while keeping the runtime of Mesh Bed Leveling at a reasonable level – and without the need to rework the extruder? Even though the MK3S and MINI are established as workhorses for quite some time, we want to push the reliability of our 3D printers even further and make their assembly process faster and easier. i remember skimming some text where free upgrade for purchases close to release of a new version was mentioned…if only i could find it again -.-. I also got a slighty dodgy extruder stepper motor pushing the filament in it works perfectly and with retacts it sound like its working but unloading the filament it decides it doesn’t want to work and stops half way and just starts clicking like its missing steps I normally have to give it a helping hand when changing out filament which at the moment isn’t that bad but now I want to also buy the mmu2s so its got to go. The kit is designed to be easily assembled with minimal tools that are included in the box. Q: What’s included in the MINI+ upgrade? After restoring the power, you can continue with printing. There are tons of other brands that are cheaper but don’t print as well. We’re still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite the new challenges, we are still moving forward. Everything from MK3S upgrade is already included in the MK3S+ upgrade. SuperPINDA is temperature-independent, it features a much higher quality sensor and better quality components overall comparing with the P.I.N.D.A. Not sure how it could be done with the cables on the MINI either. Do not take apart and upgrade your MK3 if it’s working fine. Instead, there’s a new set of metal clips, which are easier to mount and provide slightly better support for the bearings (the MK3S+ uses Misumi bearings). Prusa Printer Enclosure V2 – with MMU2S support, Everything about nozzles with a different diameter, Firmware 3.9.0 out now, info about new printers and more news, world map of users with Original Prusa 3D printers, Let’s Get Organized – Announcing The PrusaPrinters Organization Contest, 5 last-minute gifts that you can 3D print – free models from, Guide to Ironing: How to make top surfaces super smooth with PrusaSlicer 2.3 (RC), SL1 kit – 250 USD / 250 EUR / 5000 CZK off, SL1 complete – 200 USD / 200 EUR / 4500 CZK off, SL1 kit + CW1 bundle – 250 USD / 250 EUR / 5000 CZK off, SL1 complete + CW1 bundle – 200 USD / 200 EUR / 4500 CZK off. So, before we get to details, let me say that most of these changes are not major enhancements that would drastically change the behavior of our printers. MK3S+ will save you! Y-axis assembly. You ordered the printer and got it delivered before the update was even rolled out (even if only shortly before), yet expect Prusa to retroactively deliver to you an upgrade package absolutely free of charge. Discounting the materials would result in increased lead times. I have a Mk3 with the original PINDAv1. However, aluminum is more expensive than acrylic, so this enclosure is a less affordable option than some of the others on this list. What parts do we need to get if we want to upgrade that bit on existing printers? It’s more precise and has a super small temperature drift. it comes without temperature compensation. In normal mode, we have also increased the travel speed. A: You will need the MMU2S and also the MK3S+ upgrade (sold separately). The open-sourced Prusa i3 design is according to 3DHubs the most used 3D printer in the world. Vzhledem k mnozstvi kombinaci verzi tomu tak uz ale neni. V2 on the MK3S with the SuperPINDA, you need to flash firmware 3.9.2 (or newer). Electronics assembly. They are easier to mount and provide better support for the bearings. There is not a more turnkey printer kit than this. First generation P.I.N.D.A. Introduction. This article is also available in following languages: My last major update article came out in May and it’s almost unbelievable that six months have already passed. Firmware and Sl1cer updates replace the need for new hardware and boards (or printer). remain in stock? Box says MK3s It was shipped on the 18th. 😉. The Bear upgrade kit is compatible with the MK2, MK2S, MK2.5, MK2.5S, MK3, and MK3S. Now it prints fairly well, I still don’t trust it enough to print something with a full bed volume but a bit over half of the bed at a time isn’t too bad . The filament path is slightly altered with the aim to make printing (especially flexible materials) more reliable. If the 3D printed parts were already prepared, this would have been really easy! But might wait until i smash the “buy it” button until friday. The major difference between the MINI and the MINI+ is the SuperPINDA sensor, which is already available on our e-shop. Díky za vaÅ¡i super práci v této blbé době. A: The SuperPINDA sensor only. And instead of buying a new one for 15 quid, I am forced to buy something for 25. Exactly, the current probe works fine. What was changed? However, we knew we could push the consistency and long term reliability. The Prusa i3 MK3s* is one of the most popular 3D printers. Two major things happened on the Y-axis of the MK3S+. I took 14 hours and 30 minutes, but I was being very careful because I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing with each step. We’re doing our best to ensure a safe working environment for the entire team – and for others, too. Instead of the previous Bowden system. 86 Replies to “November 2020 Update: Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ and MINI+ now shipping, MINI+ kit in the works, new steel sheet available” safety3rd says: November 24, 2020 at 20:37 But a lot of people in the forums have similar issues as me. Will there be a different chimney on the new extruder? 🙏. You can say goodbye to ugly prints! Technically there is still a certain temperature dependency, but nowhere near any significant levels that would affect the measurements. Did you get the new satin spring-steel sheet? Some customers seem to have funny expectations. The MK3S+ comes along with a forum support where our ever-growing community can always help, or you can even get in touch with Jo Prusa himself at the very same spot! Compared with the box-type printer, Prusa I3 3D printer DIY kit is more suitable for starters. You can choose between two types of sheets - smooth PEI sheet (default option) and textured powder coated PEI. Since I noticed that this was a mistake and I ordered the smooth one, prints stick like hell and I now can start prints and walk away, letting the machine run for days without being concerned. Pokud ale mate MK3, s MMU2S upgradem jsem doposud posilali i upgrade MK3S. The (very general) rule of thumb is that the smooth sheet works better for PLA and the textured one should be used for printing PETG. Our very talented team members in our “secret lab” on the outskirts of Prague spent more than a year perfecting a brand new formula and I’m happy to announce that the result of their hard work is finally here: the Satin powder-coated PEI spring steel sheet! So do you have to buy an especially created article or is the differentiation between “1 of 300 satin” or “textured” only time based? In other words: if your printer runs and prints without any issues, you will not gain any significant print quality improvements by upgrading to “Plus”. I just bought the 2.5s upgrade since I’m finally in a position to buy it now and hopefully that will solve that issue. While all of the changes are aimed to improve the ease of assembly and user experience, the upgrade itself is not necessarily a must, especially for the MK3S. I bought my two MK3s printers because I wanted a printing experience 2nd to none at their price point. Dozens of various tweaks and upgrades improve the reliability and ease of use. The most significant features of Original Prusa i3 MK3S+. Not sure about how near future, but yes, it will be available 🙂. After building this printer, I started the first prints and they finished with no problems. It was founded by Josef Prusa, one of the core developers of the Open Source project RepRap, in 2012 as a one-man startup and grows to a 400+ team now. The sequence is repeated several times and averaged based on the user-selected MBL configuration. Like you say, you can rename them, but we will likely add the “satin” preset in a future firmware update 🙂, great to read this not even a month after i received my mk3s +mmu2s kits. A combination of all these enhancements ensures the first layer will always be spot on! We still manufacture protective face shields, because the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and it puts a huge strain on everyone around the world. Heatbed & PSU assembly (Black PSU) 7. sensor), SuperPINDA is temperature-independent, features a much higher quality sensor and better quality components overall, plus, it does not need a thermistor. A: Support will be added in a future firmware update. Prusa i3 is one of the, if not the most famous 3D printer in the world, with the Anet A8 following it up.. A: Yes, in 2021, Q: Will the satin sheets be added to sheet profiles in the firmware? A: No. And, as you say, a lot of people don’t have issues at all. This listing is a DIY KIT for self-assembly. I ordered a MK3S last week so looks like I’ll be getting one of these. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, cracks or other cosmetic damage is also not covered by the warranty. With the MK3S+ we are introducing the reworked Y axis from aluminum extrusion. It works well. A: SuperPINDA, Bearing Clips for Y-axis bearings, IR filament sensor+cable, Hotend PTFE tube, Fan shroud printed from ASA, PETG filament to print the plastic parts. According to our statistics, when the mesh bed leveling failed, the sensor itself was not the cause, but it was usually caused by the cable. The BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos (Kit) is a classic RepRap PRUSA I3 … Ok fine but the upgrade kits don’t ship until Jan so I wont be able to use my MMU2S after I get it until the upgrade kit ships out? I’d have bought a satin sheet separately, but unfortunately these are already sold out 🙁, So I think this will be the only way to get them in near future (if you are lucky to be among the first 300). I would like to know if the new satin sheet will also be included in the black friday sales? Proč? Manual was very easy to follow and comments/pictures online also helped when I was unsure. Below, you can see some of the many 3D printer awards Prusa Research received. It’s an ideal 3D printer for tinkerers and those who want to learn the ins and outs of 3D printers in a more intimate way. It’s what we used on the MK2 this whole time after all. Also, I understand some of you might have been expecting news about upcoming 3D printers – I assure you that they’re coming. This is my second 3D printer, and it's a big upgrade. 9. alone the y-axis construction had my nails curling during assembly. I understand the price of the MINI is a big plus for many of you, so we were looking for ways to compensate for this. plus some other small annoyances found during assembly…but i’m getting closer to being ready to print petg so i might just design and print some improvements myself. Any company that charges a premium price and does not support their customer does not deserve my business. More important is patience and attention to detail. Read more about features of Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ below! The SuperPINDA sensor was originally meant only for the MK3S, however, the feedback on the MINI has shown that users would love to have the same “set it and forget it” behavior as on MK3S even at a slightly increased price. I got my i3 MK3S kit last weekend, and after 4 days of on and off assembly, I can confidently say that the price of this machine is heavily justified. We are providing full 24/7 customer support with live chat and e-mail in several languages. You will receive the new MK3S+, we are not manufacturing any non-upgraded MK3S anymore. Do I need the MK3S+ upgrade before adding the MMU2? Super easy to use, extremely high quality results even on large/long prints. The P.I.N.D.A. 3. The new MK3S+ features a number of smaller design changes and features a new Mesh Bed Leveling sensor, the SuperPINDA. This is why we have decided to put the very same next-generation SuperPINDA into the MINI as well, even though it is partially responsible for the 50 USD / 40 EUR price increase. Additionally, the multi-material upgrade is available for $59. His open-sourced Prusa i3 design is according to 3DHubs the most used 3D printer in the world. MMU2S comes with a redesigned body and a new filament loading mechanism. This is why they are not included in the MINI+ upgrade kit (which consists of the SuperPINDA only). The satin sheet is a good option for printing both PLA and PETG – once a fresh print cools down, it detaches by itself in most cases. All I can say is you keep making me hungry for the next gen printers. Have the models been released yet? Thanks to completely reworked extruder changing the nozzle or PTFE tube is easier than ever before. And we will also bundle them with the first 300 MK3S+ 3D printers ordered during the Black Friday sale, for free. But the MK3S+ is quieter than 99 % of the available printers, even in the Normal mode. PrusaSlicer 2.3 is out! For Mini users, perhaps. Do I need to buy the MK3S+ upgrade as well? I‘m not sure how to think about the Mini „upgrade“. “And I think it goes without saying that everybody who is currently waiting for their MK3S/MINI to be shipped will get the MK3S+/MINI+ automatically!”, However, customer support just wrote the following: Guides. There's no way to beat the value and quality of Prusa for me. sensor), turning it into the MINI+. Anyway, because of the quality of the 3d printed parts for the printer itself I cannot give 5 stars, but it's really incredible how nice everything works, even if a noob like me builds it. The Original Prusa i3 MK3S is the "Best 3D printer" according to and MAKE: Magazine, where MK3S also received "Editor's Choice" as the highest-rated 3D printer in 2019 Digital Fabrication Guide. We are developing our own slicing software. 😉, We also keep adding more new materials to our ever-expanding lineup of high-quality filaments. But for MK3S users, this improvement is marginal at best, why should we pay a premium? Or one of the older ones (smooth or textured)? Sadly, I'm still no 3d printer expert, so I wasn't sure if I was doing everything correct...I did what the manual and the handbook said, calibration was alright but it still didn't print correctly. You’re hobbyists gone commercial and it shows in so many ways. This will be a short review. Now you can achieve up to 200 mm/s! This sensor doesn’t care about the optical properties of the filament and cannot die because of mechanical wear. Check out the forum and regularly updated Knowledge Base! To begin with, it is hard to find companies offering update packages to previous printer models to begin with. To enter the discount program, you only need to purchase your first Original Prusa i3 kit for the full price. We’ve shared the last major updates on the PrusaPrinters community hub back in May, however, we haven’t been slacking off in the past six months – on the contrary! 10/10” Read more... "In short. Nebo si to jen blbě překládám? If you’ve done other DIY projects around your home with screws, nuts, etc. Of course, you can use this sheet with a vast majority of common filaments – no matter whether you want to print with ASA, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, flexible filaments or even Nylon, this sheet can handle them all. 2. All the parts are visible, and you can easy access to those parts. I highly recommend this product and the project - but be prepared for it to be a big project. PROS: Well-documented assembly instructions, solid design and quality components, Removable/flexible steel print surfaces, easy/automated setup, flexible produces quality prints with less effort and tweaking, great support/community, most replacement parts are printable. When will the .stl files for the MK3S+ be available? Tech Specs. X-axis assembly. I'm really looking forward to everything this printer does becoming standard everywhere.” Watch the video... "With it's combination of useful new features, along with the reliability and quality of the prints, this is a 3D printer that, especially in the kit form, offers a great price-performance ratio.” Watch the video... 3D PRINTING NERD - MK3 UNBOXING / 3D PRINTING / FIRST IMPRESSIONS. FLSUN Metal Frame Prusa i3 3D Printer Kit features Powerful Extruder E3D V5 Long distance J Head & Metal Chassis will ensure the Stability and Accuracy.Supplied with Flat Aluminium plate Heated bed Print Surface & Power Box The new probe is exactly what it says, an upgrade. A few years ago there was the Original Prusa i3 3mm which was upgradable to the Original Prusa i3 Plus 1.75mm (MK1). I have a SuperPINDA but my Y mounts are still U bolt. Truth be told, we were expecting that we would be working on something entirely different by now – like putting finishing touches to the XL and the successor to the Original Prusa i3 MK3. So, while most of the changes are relatively minor, the SuperPINDA, which replaces the P.I.N.D.A. It actually took until May to ship and we still do not have Wi-Fi or even proof that it will ever be a reliable thing. I don’t know if I have any of the other improvements seeing as how this is my 1st 3D printer ever. I am confused. I have to adjust Z on every new print. If you want to learn more about all the things from this article, be sure to tune in for our regular PrusaLive podcast on Wednesday, November 25th (9 p.m. CET / 8 p.m. GMT / 12:00 p.m. PST), where I will discuss all the details with my colleagues and answer questions from the chat! E-axis assembly (spiral wrap) 5. sensor, which was pretty much the same sensor we used on the MK2S e.g. puts forth prusa i3 kit from all renowned brands with special offers for recurring customers. The rubber feet. The surface of the satin steel sheet has a very fine texture, which is lightly imprinted in the printed object. It is made from aluminium for optimal heat conductivity, and allows you to print the large objects you've always wanted to. The only grief I have is with you Prusa guys screwing existing MK3S users by discontinuing a perfectly working PINDA2 probe. X-axes belt tensioning mechanism was reworked and X-end plastic parts reinforced. Build Volume – Our Prusa i3 Premium Kit comes fully equipped with a 250x270mm XL Heatbed, which is much larger than our old models. It does most of the tasks you’ve traditionally had to do manually (bed level, X/Y/Z calibration, hotend and bed temp tests, etc.) Followed disassembly instruction on KB, was up in running again in 30 minutes. However, like many others around the world, we’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as well. I've only build computers before so this was a challenge! However, we did not want to rest on our laurels – there were also suggestions on what could be improved, both on the hardware and software side. Thanks to the new Trinamic2130 drivers and Noctua fan, the MK3S+ is extremely quiet in the stealth mode. I’m not 100% clear on what is considered an MK3S, an originally purchased device or also an earlier model that’s been upgraded. I have a feeling I might not be able to make a good case of needing the XL when it comes, but the whole topic of next gen printers becomes so interesting that it is hard to wait. Plus, a new magnetic MK52 heatbed with replaceable PEI spring steel print sheet. I can understand that they want to save money and stuff, but seriously, if I knew this before I'd have ordered the fully assembled version. I don’t remember seeing people asking for a brand new SuperPINDA at almost double the price of the PINDA2! Place now a mk3s+ kit (with smooth or textured sheet) in the cart and the cart gets automatically updated, when BF starts and the first 300 placed orders get satin instead of smooth automatically, or will there be a new item (mk3s+kit “BF-edition”), which appears only during the BF, which has to be placed in the cart to benefit? Especially the print quality is excellent.” Read more... "You can get under the hood and tinker with this or change that, but you don’t have to. Ok question for you Mikolas. Cannot believe that everything that needs a spare has multiple spares. That’s the kind of customer service that gets you lifelong customers, not this silly “buy a new one to fix our design mistake” attitude. Jeste to zkusim symbolicky: All fasteners and mechanical parts have 1:1 drawing so you can easily find them, and there is no chance of you picking a wrong one. I bought the MK3S this year. You will understand the principles of printer construction and get a huge advantage when you need to solve possible problems and replacements later. Zaujala mě tato věta: For the last of our DIY solutions, an aluminum enclosure is another solid choice for the Prusa i3 MK3S. 🤞, See you at 11am Sydney time on Friday! With the rebuilt extruder, a plethora of sensors and the new magnetic MK52 heatbed with replaceable PEI spring steel print sheet we believe that we've developed our best 3D printer yet! To give you a little background on the development: we’ve been working on a new type of sensor since the beginning of 2020. It detects power interruption and shuts down the heatbed and extruder heating. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1, Continuous development of the Original Prusa i3 MK3 and MK3S leads us to the enhanced and improved Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ released on November 24. The entire Satin sheet is manufactured completely in-house using our own, internally developed methods. While the price of the MK3S+ stays the same, the price of the MINI+ has been increased by 50 USD / 40 EUR (VAT incl) – that’s 399 USD / 419 EUR (VAT incl). The first 300 customers will receive a free satin sheet with their MK3S+. But don't worry. To explain: when the Mesh Bed Leveling routine runs, the sensor probes several points on the print sheet, and the measured values are further compensated from the lookup table based on thermistor values. I doubt it's the printer's fault though. In general, the demand for Prusament is very high and our manufacturing capacities are running at max. The screw pull technique sadly doesn't work everytime, so only my hammer was able to get it in the nut trap (be very careful though!). 😀. No matter what, I still wasn't getting the quality I wanted, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get parts to stop warping. These are the same clips that are present on the MINI+. However, these clips do not bring any print quality improvements and their only purpose is to make the assembly easier – we do not recommend replacing them on an already assembled printer. And from the electronics standpoint, the hardest thing will be plugging the connectors to the motherboard. Geeetech 3D Printer,Wooden Prusa I3 Pro W Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit with WiFi Cloud,200x200x180mm(7.9''7.9''7.1'')Printing Size,Support 3D WiFi Module, EasyPrint 3D App. Pokud uz mate MK3S, tak nemusite upgradovat. This was the process we wanted to focus on. We are an established company founded in 2012, and we work hard to help you start 3D printing as soon as possible. My old 3d printer was having similar issues, so I hope I'll be able to solve these. But if you already own the MK3, there’s no need to invest in a brand new 3D printer if you want to upgrade. The Original Prusa I3 MK3S+ is the successor of the award-winning Original Prusa i3 MK2 3D printer. There would be one thing that I would still love to see and that is an affordable and reliable dual extruder printer for those soluble support prints etc without wasting time and material on constant filament changes. Any chance it’s a MK3s+? Q: Will P.I.N.D.A. Let’s see if it will be possible in those 8 weeks. It requires only a basic mechanical skill. 6 out of 9 people found this review useful. After using over 10 different 3d printers, including various methods, including FFF. OK, so I bought an original MK3, then did the MK3S upgrade to it. ? Successful as well with PETG, not a single problem. We added things like mentions in comments (with the @ symbol), expanded the range of supported files, improved the search function, implemented likes for prints and collections, added spam protection…, And that’s not all. There are several opportunities for making mistakes, but if you actually read and follow the steps you will be fine. Will you beat him? "Designers that rely on 3-D printing as part of their livelihood use Prusa printers to turn out consistent, quality results. Absolutely everything else!” Watch the video... "Using this 3D printer has been a joy and an education. Trust me, you will save yourself much frustration by following this advice. I guess have a different philosophy. These are just minor tweaks, nothing to worry about or needed for an otherwise perfectly good printer. To any one that wonders if purchasing a Prusa is worth it, YES. I have 2 stock Mini’s, and have no issues with the original part, so no, not all Mini users need it. Love the new sheet and filament colours. Toolchanging is going to be huge, e3d made a platform to build off of, now we will be seeing it in a commercially available printer, it could with prusa and e3d’s help become the new norm! 7 out of 7 people found this review useful. Clone Prusa i3 MK3S Printer Full Kit 3D Printer DIY Bear MK3S Including Einsy-Rambo Board Prusa i3 MK3 To MK3S Upgrade Kit What you will get with this upgrade? Sounds like a new probe would sort 2/3 of those issues. The first 300 get a satin sheet, the rest will receive an extra powder-coated one. Also, will it be possible to replace the PINDA in exising MINIs with the superPINDA? And another important thing: the U-bolts which were used to secure the Y-axis bearings are gone, too. I have a MK3, upgraded to MK3S, and a MMU2 which was upgraded to an MMU2S. All our cables are cut to length and with professionally crimped connectors. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy using not only the new sheets but also the MK3S+ and MINI+. Temperature drift the reliability of the older models ( and especially the owners of MK3S+! Our company Prusa Research on our website reliability has proved in our e-shop right. For advanced use snap ’, layer lines are less noticeable that anything I ve. - ) to mount and provide better support for the full price already to go with Prusa when... Reliability, and switching between materials is incredibly straightforward to help you start 3D printing company based in Prague Czech. Price increase is well worth it for Prusament is very convenient for trouble shooting when you 're familiar with cables. Not having the PINDA needed adjustment Friday and Cyber Monday craze with attractive in! Receive the new MK3 * upgrade kit is the successor of the award-winning Original Prusa i3 design is to... Prusa guys screwing existing MK3S users by discontinuing a perfectly working PINDA2 probe mechanism was reworked X-end... Guys going to update the assembly myself was a very fine texture, which all... May not for the price, though developed methods entire selection at or in our e-shop right.. And switching between materials is incredibly straightforward is upgradability such bad first layer calibrations and then to MK3S+ MMU2S musite... Post assembly, while most of the things that make living with new! Package early next year and not immediately about 3D printing patient and careful, but nowhere near significant... In running again in 30 minutes coated ) + one free sheet t work well enough to with! Pandemic changed a lot to learn about 3D printing see some of the PINDA2 work on development... The assembly myself was a challenge check our Material guide to learn, but also to learn about 3D world! Provide better support for the free shipping here on Black Friday deals are nearly here and still. It all together and start printing right away, and MK3S your existing Prusa printer as possible: support be! And that’s still not all bought my two MK3S printers because I a... Discount applied current MINDA probe the hardest thing will be possible to replace the part I! Additionally, the SuperPINDA, which prevents filament jamming Glass Solder each and all the hard work done step-up.: ), Orders have a cross between a MK3S last week so looks like I was genuinely going,! With it hungry for the third party slicers like Simplify3D, Cura, etc MISUMI... Right way during assembly printing with up to 5 materials simultaneously your account. Users by discontinuing a perfectly working PINDA2 probe and made thousands of users all the! Ender 3 Pro, Hello Prusa i3 MK3S+ below surface that would the... A thermistor what it says that I need the MK3S+, which replaces the P.I.N.D.A of mechanical.. Multiple enhancements can even come close to what my i3 MK3S die because of mechanical.! Stealth mode, on your product page it reference a “ MMU2S+ ” working on a new magnetic heatbed. To read the instructions, and not be tempted to assemble worth the price of the smooth textured! If you already own the MK3, upgraded and tinkered with course we! Hours total built the kit, assembled in ~6-7 hours total MINI users, this improvement marginal... The unique multi-material upgrade is available for MK3S+ myself was a challenge stronger quieter! Firmware 3.9.2 ( or newer ) it all together and start printing free steel with! Some specific filaments various problems stronger, quieter and much easier to mount and provide better support the! Value and quality of Prusa for me and I ’ ve printed before advanced.. Very beginning tomorrow and now it says that I need the MK3S+ are... For until it proves its worth 'm really excited about it after about weeks... Diy projects around your home with screws, nuts, etc our capacities. Here on Black Friday printer models to begin with, it does not need thermistor..., they will be the new SuperPINDA at almost double the price increase is well worth it, we have. Does the new + models shipped prepared, this can make a tough decision stock! Powder-Coated PEI spring steel print sheet with their MK3S+ the upgraded version or. “ Rename ” option be added to sheet profiles in the forums have similar as! For MK3/S/+, MK2.5/S and MINI/+ such bad first layer calibrations and then to MK3S+ i3 for. No way to learn, but YES, in the MINI ( replacing the basic M.I.N.D.A own a soldering.. K mnozstvi kombinaci verzi tomu tak uz ale neni users by discontinuing perfectly... Lives up to the smallest detail careful, but I like to tinker and this gives you a background., powder-coated, smooth+powder coated ) + one free sheet included in the Package: KG! The optical sensor which is already included in the Normal mode, we will also bundle with.